Our health care products are a reflection of our pre-set safety and quality standards bound by stringent regulatory guidelines. Our manufacturing processes are performed under qualified supervision ensuring efficiency and productivity at all levels.


Establish, maintain and ensure high standards of health and safety standards by setting goals in manufacturing and marketing of products so as to safeguard Health and Safety of its employees, consumers, contractors and concerned interested parties.


Develop, design, operate and maintain activities and processes that are safe and without risk.
Maintain a comprehensive Environmental Management System aimed at containment and effective disposal of pollutants & Wastes.
Encourage and ensure employees participation in order to continue improvement in the system.


Quality as defined by Mektum, is not only conformance to specification, it is in fact quality by design, like building of quality within the product by setting quality goals and standards so that the desired results are achieved within expected time to comply with applicable legislations i.e. Drug Act 1976 & Rules frame thereunder, DRAP Act 2012 and NEQS.