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Mektum Homoeo Pharma is a reliable name in homoeopathic wholesale and retail, working for more then 2 decades in this field. The trust we gained through continuous efforts and economically quality centered approach.

T1 - Gas & Indigestion   T2 - Acute & Chronic
  T3 - Sinusitis   T4 - Blood Purifier
T5 - Sugar Control   T6 - Rheumatism   T7 - Haemorrhoids   T8 - Leucorrhea
T9 - High Blood Preasure   T10 - Sexual Disorders   T11 - Eye Bright   T12 - Increase Weight
T13 - Amenorrhoea &Dysmenorrea   T14 - Increase Height   T15 - Bed Wetting   T16 - Slim Drops
T17 - Kidney Bladder Calculi   T18 - Tonsilitis   T19 - Vertigo   T20 - Acne Pimple
T21 - Low Bloood Pressure   T22 - Sleeplessness   T23 - Prostatitis   T24 - Bronchitis
T25 - Dysentry & Diarrhoea   T26 - Vermifuge   T27 - Hair   T28 - Fever
T29 - Anaemla   T30 - Constipation   T31 - Sweating   T32 - Lumbago Remedy
T33 - Inflammation   T34 - Urinary Disease   T35 - Liver & Gall Blader   T36 - Bleeding
T37 - Hair on face   T38 - Nasal Cattarh   T39 - Eczema   T40 - Leucoderma
T41 - Breast   T42 - Headache   T43 - Fibriods & Ovarian Cysts   T44 - Memory
T45 - Cholestrol   T46 - Arthiritis   T47 - Enlarge Bone   T48 - Nausea & Vomating
T49 - Tonic for men   T50 - Paralysis   T51 - Tumor   T52 - Hepatitis
T53 - Mouth Ulcer   T54 - Cervical Spondolysis   T55 - Heel Pain   T56 - Urticaria
Damia Super Gold   Acne Mek   Weight Grow   T56 - Urticaria
Dental Care   Damia Strong Drops   Siliclax   Euphrasia
Senox Nasal Drops   Mullein   Gastro Pex   Man's Force
Phytolacca Berry   Samza - 1   Glyco Mek   Diarhoea Compound
Rheuma Liniment   Digestive Tonic   Arnica Shampoo   Ferrum Complex
Senox Cold Syrup   Hepatone Liver tonic   Nefrenol Kidney Syrup   Phytolacca Berry
Anti Fever Compound   Minola Plus   Avena + Ginkgo   Agnus +Damiana
Khoonsafi Syrup   Cough Syrup   Korean Ginseng Tonic   Aletris Complex
Alfala Super Tonic   Pain Mek   Mekcard Gold Drops   Tonsimek
Koreann Ginseng Tonic
With Royal Jelly
  Mekcard Gold Drops   Nefrenol   Hight Grow
Mektum Baby Tonic   Calci Mek   Ferro Mek   Bio Active Tonic
Korean Genseng Tonic
With Royal Jelly
  Sharbat E Faulad   Avena Force   Mekbin Hemoglobin
Haemorrhoids   Thuja   Calendula   Fucus
Sulfur   Super Active   Chrysarobinum   Calendula
Acne Cleen   Arnica   Eczema   Hydrocotyle
Osteo Mek   Weight Loss   Mekchol   Mekpiles
For Constipation
  Prosta Mek   DiaMek   MekCard
Hepa Mek
Liver & Gall Bladder
  Calculi Mek   Fem Mek   Relax Anxiety & Depression


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